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    AWITD has excellent development for requirements in contemporary and computer science. The company is based on human resources. That is our company’s philosophy.
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    A written examination (Aptitude Test(Logic Test,IQ Test) , English,Programming test) and interview .Send the related documents( Resume (CV) Transcript Graduation certificate ) to our head office.
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    Numese is sometime a logic base and sometime base on your luck because you have to playing around with numbers. In upgrading we put five level of difficulities seperated by rooms...
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Ayeyarwaddy IT Development

– AWITD is invested with the corporation of ITD Japan Co.,Ltd in March 2011. AWITD has excellent development for requirements in contemporary and computer science.
–  The company is based on human resources. That is our company’s philosophy.

Our strategy

Our strategy of business is the decentralized development of high technology. It makes the staff work with a will. Our company has expanded the employment frame in the provinces. The key words of employment standard are “variety” and “will”. We positively employ the persons who have potential abilities of development. As the result, they create original ideas and development power. We bring up a green hand without haste. Our company has grown up rapidly because of the decentralized development that develops employee’s imaginations and abilities. We mainly have treated the systems of communication, large-scale WEB, and CIM. Now we are treating other types of business, for example the control system that is our origin,and open source systems. AWITD will meet the needs of the times and keep positive employment.

The management concept

The first is that we have to be honest. We’d like to contribute to our society with the advanced Information technology and we hope that everyone respects AWITD .
We keep learning the recent technology and the effective operating solution in order to meet the high expectation of our customers.
We all must be always sincerity to our own business and observe business compliance. And we must be trustable for our customers.
We create the business environment in where employees respect each person’s creativity and flexibility. And they can increase their abilities and utilize various their ideas.
We understand and respect national or local cultures, morals and religion anywhere. And we hope to be recognized as the better citizens by the society.

ITDJ Co.,Ltd

ITDJ Co.,Ltd. is a member of Association of open source software.It is founded in May 13, 1981.
Head office is located in Tokyo, Japan. There are 9 branches in Japan.
Company is working in general business, human resources, employment agencies business activities.
Company’s Philosophy is
– want to be honest company in the first place.
– want to be a respected company that contributes to society with advanced IT technology, .
– serve the business with the latest technology and effective to meet the high expectations of customers.
For more information about ITDJ Co.,Ltd. company, please visit  : http://www.itdj.co.jp/

Association, a nonprofit open-source software (OSSAJ)

Aitidi Association of Japan is a member of open source software. Open Source Software Institute is intended to share information among members on open source software “user groups” is. For more information about the association here Please see.


Report Ruby is a system that supports electronic forms, you can create a variety of forms in OpenOffice.org format. The system uses templates, OpenOffice.org making the most of the features list, you can freely create various documents and forms a single vote.

InduSoft Web Studio

Effective application making By RACE(Rapid Application Configuration Environment) can perform making of the application effectively and easily. InduSoft Web Studio provides access to data from anywhere, including PCs, embedded devices, mobile devices, and remote web browsers.
InduSoft ® (NEW! v7.1) delivers powerful HMI and SCADA software, with innovative tools to rapidly build operator interface, SCADA, HMI or embedded applications and deploy across a wide range of industries.
In order to help our users get the most out of their projects, we’re in the process of making our entire training course available online. View our course in streaming format or download them to view and explore InduSoft Web Studio at your convenience.
We also offer on-site training in our U.S., German, and Brazilian offices, or through our consulting services. For more information on InduSoft training, please contact us at training@indusoft.com.
You can see full modules of InduSoft SCADA Video Training in Here.

-Mobile accessibility via three types of thin clients, including Enhanced Studio Mobile Access,
which offers access to process information on Android, iPhone and iPad.
-Over 240 native communication drivers, as well as support for OPC and direct integration to
SYSMAC Gateway (former FINS Gateway).
-All the tools required to develop SCADA, HMI, and OEE/Dashboard applications, including:
alarms, trending, reporting, and events.

Product Introduction: Dicepit put102

Dicepit Put102 feature Dicepit
Dicepit is a security box that can be security measures comfortably without putting a load on your PC.
Not difficult settings, etc., it automatically starts by simply connecting to the LAN, to prevent the invasion of the virus. Information of virus definitions, others are automatically updated via the Internet.

Product Introduction: CeLAN QCM-41/QCM-41P

CeLAN QCM-41/QCM-41P is distributed by AWITD company in Myanmar local market. It is the appearance of the personal high-speed Hot Line Box compact at a low price. QCM-41P is the line bandwidth stable device that provides the environment and smooth real-time applications such as Messenger and TV conference system and IP telephony. You can see product details in here.
Features of the line bandwidth stabilizer QCM-41P
1. Space-saving design of the palm size
2. Priority real-time applications port feature
3. Simple Web Administration (QCM-41)
4. Uplink port for connecting x1
5. Ethernet × 3 port (QCM-41P), × 4 Port (QCM-41)